Screenshot of the Chūshō documentation website homepage, showing the library features.


A open-source library of unstyled and accessible UI components for Vue.js.

  • Vue.js
Screenshot of a Cookr recipe page for mulled wine, embedding a large picture of wine in a pan with orange slices, surrounded by the ingredients and steps.


Cookr is an app I’ve made to have an easy access to my cooking recipes.

  • Strapi
  • Vue.js
  • Tailwind
Screenshot of the tool showing two color palettes, each displaying 10 shades with sliders to adjust the saturation and lightness.


A tool to create a palette of shades from a given color and export it for Sass, CSS or Sketch.

  • Vue.js
  • Tailwind
Screenshot displaying a bunch of quotes with author and date. Each quote has a different background creating a nice rainbow of colors.


Previously a React app listing quotes from a Google Spreadsheet, it’s now a Vue app using a Firebase Firestore database.

  • Vue.js
  • Firebase
  • Kanbasu
Screenshot of the website homepage, showing the logo and main navigation in a dark sidebar on the left. The main content is an introduction to the various climbing centers, with a picture and short description for each.


One of my very few clients as a freelance, Vertic-Halle is a company operating multiple climbing centers in Switzerland.

  • Kirby
  • Vue.js
  • Kanbasu
Screenshot of the library website homepage, with instructions on how to install it and a call-to-action to access the documentation.


A lightweight CSS framework written in Sass I’ve created with my colleagues at Liip.

  • Sass
  • Fractal